RKK Orion System

RKK Orion System

Everlasting Summer

RKK Orion system is a program for Android OS

The main goal of the program is to install custom modifications and additional files for the Everlasting Summer game.

The main goal achieved by our team in this free project is research.

The project was carried out by our developer for a team of A&A CT enthusiasts, who are the current operators of the application.

We have developed a template for creating applications of a similar direction for various gaming products, we can, if necessary, create a similar application for your product or implement it directly into the product (as far as technical feasibility), to clarify this, contact the manager.

The application can be modified by various modules: social, statistical, administrative and others as needed.

If you are interested in this project and its template, you can contact us to clarify the details and discuss your personal modification application.

You can test the application by uploading it to the Google Play.

Best regards, Alex.

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